“My daughter, Trinettdra, enjoys the class so much! She likes singing and coloring. She showed improvement in terms of her attitude towards communicating using the English language. She now tries to speak and communicate in English. She also likes the teachers. Thanks a lot, teachers!”

-Ms Sashedharan Durga Devi, mother of Trinettdra, LetzHop Sesame Street English, LetzHop Klang

“Alhamdulillah. Danish dah tak minum susu, dah toilet-trained, dah pandai sharing, dah faham arahan. Banyak sangat kemajuan. Terima kasih LetzHop.”

-Danish’s mother, LetzHop Early Intervention Program, LetzHop Bukit Jalil

Tan Li Xuan

“My name is Tan Li Xuan. I am 10 years old. I am in P4 level of Sesame Street English programme. I have been attending the Sesame Street English classes at LetzHop for almost 2 years. The lessons have been awesome. The English classes at LetzHop are very different from those at my school. We learn English using topics related to Science, Mathematics and Social Studies. We do a lot of brain challenging activities which we do not have at school. We also get to conduct Science experiments during the lessons which are related to Science topics. I am very happy that I got a high score for the school’s year-end examination. My younger brother also goes to LetzHop. Now, I feel more confident when communicating using the English language. All thanks to my teacher, Ms.Lim, from LetzHop Klang.”

-Tan Li Xuan, Student, LetzHop Sesame Street English, LetzHop Klang

Ryan Daniel

“I have seen tremendous improvement in Ryan’s ability to speak in English since joining LetzHop for a year. What really made my husband and I happy is that he is more confident to converse in English not only among family members but also with others. A job well done by the teachers in Letzhop Klang. Thank you!”

-Ms Farhanna Mohd Hanif, mother of Muhammad Ryan Daniel bin Muhammad Azlan, LetzHop Sesame Street English, LetzHop Klang

“Ena dah boleh crawl dalam tunnel. Sebelum ni mesti jerit kalau masuk tunnel. Ena juga dah ada eye-contact dengan objek. Kadang-kadang, dia pandang kita bila dipanggil. Bagus! Terima kasih banyak-banyak, teachers.”

-Ena’s mother, LetzHop Early Intervention Program, LetzHop Bukit Jalil


“I am Haikal and I am nine years old. I am now in P3 class of Sesame Street English programme. I enjoy learning English at LetzHop Klang. I have learnt many English words and grammar. I have knowledge about things I never knew before for example about habitats and interesting facts of rainbows. My friends and I had fun doing experiments for some Science topics. Now, I like to read more English books about Science. My school results have improved. My mother was very happy with my results. I also like my teacher because she is very nice.”

-Muhammad Haikal Bin Rosmadi, Student, LetzHop Sesame Street English, LetzHop Klang


“I enrolled my son, Ishaq, at Letzhop when he turns 3, not because of peer pressure or following the current trend, but I wanted him to mix around with other kids so he can communicate well. He hardly speak at home. After only few months, I was very impressed with him as I can see a lot of changes. His vocabulary has expanded and not only that, he is always excited to go to school every morning. I think the teachers have done great and I am very happy.”

-Ms Joanna binti Mohammad Akhir, mother of Ishaq bin Ahmed Razman, LetzHop Three-2-Six, LetzHop Bandar Baru Bangi

Chua Zhi Yen

“I am glad that I continue to let Zhi Yen attending Sesame Street English class to complement her kindergarten study and to keep her learning passion. There was a moment where she was very quiet in school and at home when she stopped going to LetzHop for the Sesame Street English, pressured by the homework and the learning syllabus in kindergarten. But she has transformed after she returned to LetzHop! Now, she is a good communicator. She is more confident to express herself with complete sentence using vocabularies that I never expected from a 4 year-old kid. She even imitates the way teacher taught her in class to her 1 year-old little sister and now her little sister began to speak the way her sister is. I am confident with Sesame Street English approach focusing on interaction with others and using language to reflect their experience.

与其让芷嫣3岁这么早上幼儿园,我让她接触了Sesame Street English Class,培养她的学习的兴趣。之后,她变得很好学,小小年纪就会用英文跟别人沟通。说得一口流利的英文(虽然芷嫣今年已经上幼儿园,但我很庆幸我每个星期继续让她去Sesame Street English Class 上课一天,辅助她的学习,维持她的学习的兴趣。曾经有一段时间,她停止Sesame Street English Class ,只是到幼儿园上课;但是幼儿园的课业和学习方式让她倍感压力,渐而变得沉默寡言。之后,当她回到Sesame Street English Class继续上课后,她的活泼开朗恢复了,还充满自信的说得一口流利的英文,有时连我还要查字典确定有些词汇的意思呢!她还会模仿导师教她上课的摸样,在家当起导师教导妹妹,现在连1岁多的妹妹也开始学她讲起英文呐。我很赞同Sesame Street English Class的小班制学习方式,注重小孩与他人的互动,培养良好沟通方式,并学会用语言来表达她们的经验。”

-Ms Wang Chiew Hui, mother of Chua Zhi Yen, LetzHop Sesame Street English, LetzHop Klang

“My lovely daughter Lim Ee Chen joined LetzHop Sesame Street English when she was only 6 years old. She has been learning the English language at LetzHop for almost 2 years now and we could see a lot of amazing progressions in her. The teachers teach in a fun, enthusiastic, and creative environment that you could see the children play and have fun every time they are at LetzHop! You could even see how much confidence they have gained, learning at LetzHop, making friends, and speaking in an all-English environment there!”

-Ms Lim Long Keong, mother of Lim Ee Chen, LetzHop Sesame Street English, LetzHop Klang

“I love my school. It is so fun learning and playing with all my friends!”

-Nurina Damya binti Mohd Najib, Student, LetzHop Three-2-Six, LetzHop Bandar Baru Bangi

“My son always look forward to meeting his friends and teachers at LetzHop! He told me the other day that LetzHop teachers are the best of all!”

-Ding Yu Rui’s mother, LetzHop Sesame Street English, LetzHop Klang


“Saya dapati anak saya lebih berkeyakinan untuk berbahasa Inggeris dan dia nampak sangat teruja untuk menghadiri kelas Sesame Street English. Menurut anak saya, guru kelasnya sangat menyeronokkan.”

-Ms Siti Fatihah, Qays Dean Ariff’s mother, LetzHop Sesame Street English, LetzHop Bandar Baru Bangi

“I guess, apart from the exciting and fun activities of Sesame Street English at LetzHop, the other major concern that I am satisfied with the centre is that the facilities equipped – the centre is always cheerful, neat and tidy! And most of all, I am very confident leaving my child to learn there since the security system is quite superb!”

-Nurhanini’s mother, LetzHop Sesame Street English, LetzHop Klang

“Damia is always happy going to LetzHop. No issues getting up in the morning. So much improvement even during the trial week. She is more attentive and I think because of that her speech improved as well. We are very happy with what Damia has achieved so far :)”

-Damia’s mother, LetzHop Early Intervention Program, LetzHop Damansara

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